Nafplion: Holy Monastery of Malevis tour

This tour gives you the opportunity to experience the majesty of your faith and come closer to your religion by visiting one of the most famous monasteries of Kynouria, the magnificent Holy Monastery of Panagia Malevis.

We start your tour by picking you up from Nafplion and head towards Astros.

We will end up in the idyllic, cedar-covered area of ​​Agios Petros Kynourias, on the slopes of Parnon mountain, where the impressive Malevi Monastery is found. The name Malevi is associated with the highest peak of Parnon, (Malevo) where the monastery was originally built.

This monastery was founded in 717 AD and here you will see the miraculous icon of the Assumption of the Virgin, the work of Evangelist Luke.

If you wish, we are also able to have lunch in one of the surrounding villages that spring up through the firs.

We can also visit the Loukou Monastery and the Monastery of Palaiopanagia, which are on our way. The tour ends with your return to our meeting point.


  • Experience the majesty of religion
  • Visit the magnificent Holy Monastery
  • Enjoy nature on the slopes of Parnon mountain
  • Opportunity to taste a traditional lunch
  • Enjoy a luxurious and safe transfer


  • English-speaking tour leader
  • Return private transportation from Nafplion
  • Pick up from your hotel or our meeting point
  • Liability
  • Taxes

**Full refund or change of date in case of adverse weather conditions**


Nafplion: Holy Monastery of Malevis tour

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation 10 days before your tour date will be accepted free of charge. If you cancel 10 to 4 days prior to your tour date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 30% of the total tour price booked. If you cancel 3 days before your tour date or if you are not present at the starting point, you will be charged with a 100% cancellation fee and the entire amount of your tour price booked will be withheld.

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