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Travel Through The Peloponnese

Travel with Unique Greek Tours and explore medieval castles, beautiful villages that have stopped in time, lively cities, lazy beaches shimmering in the sun, snow-capped peaks, clear rivers crossing enchanted forests. The Peloponnese has it all and waiting for you to discover them!

A magical place, born of gods and raised in love, that saw empires being built and fallen, that kept their most beautiful stories to tell to the future generations. A place that combines the aroma of the sea with the breeze of the mountain, nature with culture and the secrets of traditional gastronomy with the art of wine growing.

Whatever time of year you travel, whatever type of traveler you are, whether you are looking for adventure or wanting to embark on the secrets of history and discover rare flavors and unique aromas, this enchanted place will become - if not already− your favorite destination, to which you will return again and again.

Why not discover the Peloponnese at least once! Some people will tell you though, that not even a single lifetime is enough spent in the Peloponnese…and they will probably be right.

Popular Tours in the Peloponnese

Get inspired by our most popular tours and discover even more to explore, making your excursions an unforgettable experience, every time!

Discover the magic of the Peloponnese with our tours, starting from every corner of this beautiful part of Greece or from Athens. Experience the magical places and towns of the Peloponnese such as, Nemea and its ancient temples, Epidaurus and its unique theater, Nafplion and its historic streets, Mycenae and its prehistoric palaces and Ancient Corinth and its canal.

It’s not all history though! Discover the Peloponnese through unforgettable one of a kind experiences such as tasting fine wines and learning all about Namea vineyards, fishing from a sailing boat in Nafplio, tasting the authentic local flavors from the first capital of Greece and learning how to collect and separate mushrooms just like a professional.

Click on some of our most popular tours below and be inspired to plan your next trip to the Peloponnese.

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