Nafplion: Argos Cultural Tour

  • Nafplion
  • Lerna Archaeological Site
  • Pyramid of Elliniko
  • Zoodochos Pigi
  • Argos Theater, Ancient Market, Byzantine Museum
  • Coffee or Dining in the Square
  • Return to Nafplio

Argos is considered to be the oldest city in continental Europe due to the existence of many archaeological monuments dating back to the Late Bronze Age. It was one of the most important centers of Mycenaean civilization which all Greeks (even the beautiful Helen) were called "Argos". The tragic poets whose many tragedies refer to Argos are also highlighted by the important place of the Argyrian culture. Argos also comes from two of the greatest heroes of Greek mythology, Perseus and Hercules.

Starting from Nafplion, we will enjoy the seaside route along the Argolic Gulf and head 12 kilometers southwest to the current village of Myloi. There lies the archaeological settlement of Lerna where a fabulous monster, Hydra of Lerna, lived in the waters of Lake Lerna, which Hercules killed by completing one of his twelve labors. Excavations (1952-1958), uncover the ruins of a settlement, where continuous settlement was observed from the Neolithic to the Mycenaean times. In the middle of the orange groves lies the archaeological site with a visible Middle Neolithic house known as the "House of Keramas".

Our next stop is the Pyramid of Hellinikon, also known as the Pyramid of Kechri. Situated on a small hill in the village of Elliniko, built on the highway connecting Argos with Tegea of ​​Arcadia, it is considered the best-preserved pyramid of the 26 found in Greece. The dating of the pyramid is the subject of controversy, with the original and most widespread estimation placing it in the 4th century BC century.

A little further down, it is worth visiting a village that has retained its charming traditional Greek character, Kefalari. There is a historic beautiful church, an admired pilgrimage site for travelers, at the foot of Mount Haon. It is built inside the cave and is dedicated to the mother Mary. The landscape is topped by the beautiful little pond, forming the waters just below the Zoodochos Pigi church surrounded by large plane trees in the shade of which there are countryside centers and cafes.

From there we will head to Argos and the ancient theater, which is the city's premier cultural monument. Polykleitos monument at the end of the 5th century BC, the ancient theater of Argos, which is the city's premier cultural monument. Constructed by Polykleitos at the end of the 5th century BC. The ancient theater of Argos is considered an architectural achievement, as it is carved into a rock. It seats about 20,000 spectators and is one of the largest ancient theaters in Greece. Located at the foot of the south-east side of Larissa castle hill, and the marketplace. It once dominated the ancient city and was visible from the Gulf of Argolis. Nowadays the theater is occasionally used for various cultural events. Just opposite the ancient theater of Argos is the ancient market, the shopping center of the Peloponnese. While touring the site, the visitor sees Heroes, in honor of the heroes who campaigned against Thebes under King Adrastos,

While touring the site, the visitor sees Heroes, in honor of the heroes who campaigned against Thebes under King Adrastos at that time, and at that point, an additional monumental site of ancient antiquity, known as the "fortress fire", was found. He is said to have lowered the fire from heaven and delivered it to man. You will also see the ancient Conservatory, the "Palaistra", the "Bouleuterion", the Sanctuaries of Aphrodite and the Apollo Lyceum, places of political gathering, galleries, statues, and remains of a Neolithic settlement.

Our next stop in a historic preserved complex of the city of Argos, which has become known as "Kapodistrias Barracks" where the Byzantine Museum of Argolis is housed. Here are presented 430 exhibits (ceramics, sculptures, coins, mosaics frescoes, small objects) representative of aspects of Byzantine Argolida. The exhibition is supported by a variety of interpretative tools, such as texts, photographs, drawings, representations, audio elements, video projections, and emphasis is placed on touch exhibits, so that much of the exhibition is accessible to people with visual impairments, enabling them to paint original works of Byzantine and post-Byzantine times.

After enjoying our day filled with history, culture and beautiful images we will stop for coffee or eat at St. Peter's Square in the heart of the city of Argos. Finally, our tour will end with our return to Nafplion.

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  • Visit the oldest city in continental Europe & most important center of Mycenean civilization
  • Travel through time admiring the monuments spread around this blessed land
  • Enjoy a day full of history, culture and beautiful images
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  • English-speaking tour leader (guided tour of archaeological sites – upon request)
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Nafplion: Argos Cultural Tour
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